While also providing basic estate planning services, we stand ready to assist you in 

        securing your legacy.  Randall and associates can provide you with peace of mind by

        preparing the following  documents to secure that your wishes are defined and followed:

A Will. 

Sometimes called the Last Will and Testament, is a document that appoints a person to carry out your wishes and manages your affairs after your death, including gathering all of your assets, paying your final bills, and finally distributing your remaining assets to your heirs through a process overseen by the court called Probate.


Advance Healthcare Directive. 

The Advanced Healthcare Directive outlines your wishes regarding medical treatment if you are unable to communicate your wishes and appointing a person to make healthcare decisions for you if you are unable to make decisions.

Durable Power of Attorney. 

This document authorizes someone of your choice to make financial and legal decisions

while you may be unable to do so.

Medical Information Release. 

Privacy laws known as HIPAA prevents access to your medical information unless you have executed this document.

Revocable Living Trust. 

If drawn properly, a Living trust can provide for the management of your assets while you are alive and well,  but also if you become incapacitated and distribution of your assets after your death without court supervision.

Guardian Nominations for Minor Children

Who will care for your minor children if something happens to you? Guardianship nominations are

essential for parents with young kids as they detail those people you would – and would not – want to care for your minor children.

Randall Law Firm is an expert at handling Probate matters. In the modern era, blended families (also known as stepfamilies) issues often arise between heirs, which require expert legal advice to ensure that the decedent’s wishes are adhered to and fairness prevails within the legal standards of California probate practice.